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Our Vision

To build a supportive community around care experienced young adults that they can rely on in times of need. 

Our Mission

Cocoon, Care After Care exists to improve the quality of life for care leavers by providing financial assistance, practical support and a sense of belonging. 

Our Values



Kindness is the beating heart of Cocoon and demonstrates what can be achieved when people show genuine care for each other, even if they have never met. This is never more evident than in the organisation of the Christmas Day Dinner. 



We seek to empower care leavers to recognise their worth. We respect and support the decisions they make about their life. We give them a seat at the table acknowledging that they are the experts in their own lives. 



Through human connection we strive to reduce isolation felt by many care leavers, thus providing the sense of belonging that is vital to our well-being. 



We are a friendly organisation with a love of meeting new people and hearing new ideas. We work hard to build trust and form positive relationships with young adults we serve, those close to them, and the community that supports our mission. 



Our commitment to care leavers is unwavering. We will always strive to find ways of removing obstacles in the way of care leavers fulfilling their potential and leading healthier and happier lives. 



It is important to us that everyone coming into contact with Cocoon feels comfortable to bring their true self. We are committed to ensuring that we are here for all care leavers and we understand the necessity of reflecting the community we serve. 

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